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I’ve had lessons with Connie Amelang of Sisters Of Caliber. She is very thorough in her training. I had never shot a handgun previously and she had an abundance of patience. I enjoyed it and look forward to more training! 
Patricia S.

I recently purchased my first ever handgun. I had several one-on-one classes with Connie and she was very knowledgeable and patient with me. I would highly recommend training with Sisters of Caliber! I am continuing my training and getting better every time I train with Connie.

When I took my first lesson with Connie, I was afraid of being around firearms. Now I feel confident! I would highly recommend Sisters of Caliber for anyone wanting to learn firearms safety and receive handgun training. Connie started me out and I am a better, safer shooter since her training sessions with me. The training is informative and fun. I am looking forward to my next class!
​Janice B.