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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the classes?

They usually range from 4 to 12. Classes have a ratio of one coach/instructor for every student while on the firing line. All classes are highly supervised.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Minimum age: 12. A parent or guardian is required to take the class along with a child under the age of 18, and a release must be signed by the parent/guardian. We ask you, the parent, "Do you feel comfortable with the child next to you with a loaded gun?" If you have any doubts, wait a couple of years.

Do I need an FH.S.C. (Firearm Safety Certificate) to purchase a handgun in California. How do I get it?

YES. You must pass a test and receive an F.S.C. before you can purchase a handgun in California. After January 2015, you will need an F.S.C. in order to purchase ‘any’ firearm including long guns. If you have your F.S.C. for handguns prior to Jan. 2015, it will be good until it expires (5 years from date issued). Connie Amelang is authorized by the California Dept. of Justice to administer the test and issue the certifications. As a service to our students, the test will be given and certificate issued (with a passing score of 75% or better) at the end of each of our classes for a fee of $20 which includes the DOJ’s processing fee of $15.

How long is the F.S.C. good for? The HSC must be renewed every five years.

How do I dress?

You will be at an outdoor range with gravel and dirt walk areas. Wear comfortable flat CLOSED TOED shoes, shorts or pants, and avoid low-cut blouses.

What do I need to bring to the range with me?

A hat and sunblock is recommended during warm weather. If you have sunglasses or prescription glasses, bring them. If you have ear protection, bring it. If not, we will provide eye and ear protection at NO additional charge.

What do I need to bring to the classroom portion?

NEVER BRING YOUR FIREARM OR ANY AMMUNITION into the classroom. Please leave any firearms and ammo in the trunk of your car until the range portion of the class. Bring a hi-liter, pen/pencil, and writing paper for the classroom portion.

Do you offer more advanced classes than the First Steps and Basic Handgun class?

Yes. It is our intent to start with a good “foundation” and build upon it. After First Steps, the NRA Basic Pistol Class is a perfect follow-up. After those, “Personal Protection Inside The Home” and “Personal Protection Outside The Home” are longer more detailed classes. We also offer personal one-on-one lessons with your handgun or ours.

Is it really important to join the NRA (National Rifle Association?)

With the current atmosphere of many wanting to take our 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms away, it is more important than ever to support groups such as the NRA who have a voice and work daily to protect these rights. The most important benefit of NRA membership, is the defense of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. NRA-ILA tracks the issues and alerts members about legislation involving firearms and hunting at the federal, state and local levels of government. Successful legislative action begins with you -- the individual member.

Connie Amelang is an NRA Recruiter and by joining with her, you will receive a DISCOUNT on your membership. If you plan on joining, take advantage of this discount offered to all of our students.

​With all regular memberships, you will get achoice of subscription to American Rifleman , American Hunter , or
 America's 1st Freedom .  (Premium Digital Editions now available) Junior members receive a subscription to Insights.

 Annual members receive $5,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage at NO COST to you. The plan covers accidents at, or to and from, an NRA event; and accidents that occur during the use of firearms or hunting equipment while hunting. Insurance must be activated at time of renewal.

Life members receive $10,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage at NO COST to you. The plan covers accidents at, or to and from, an NRA event; and accidents that occur during the use of firearms or hunting equipment while hunting. Insurance must be activated at time of upgrade to Life member status.

All members receive $2,500 of Arms Care Coverage at NO COST. This plan covers insured firearms, air guns, bows and arrows against theft, accidental loss and damage.

Do you require a deposit for classes? If so, Why?

YES. We keep classes small for the benefit of students, therefore, no reservation will be held for you and you will not be registered for the class until we physically receive your class enrollment form AND  the required deposit to hold your spot in class.

What is your REFUND policy?

If your class is cancelled, your deposit/tuition is fully refundable.  If you call or e-mail at least fourteen (14) days BEFORE your class to cancel, you will be refunded your entire deposit/tuition.  If you do NOT call at least 14 days prior to class date, your deposit/tuition WILL NOT be refunded because someone else could have attended in your place.

Can I bring my own firearm to use during the range portion of the class?

Yes. If you bring your own firearm, you will be required to bring your own FACTORY ammo (no re-loads). Also, you will be required to be completely familiar with your firearm, how to load/unload, how to handle malfunctions, misfires, jams, etc. for your particular firearm. Instructors cannot be expected to be familiar with EVERY make and model of firearm that is available, so it will be the student’s responsibility to know every aspect of their firearm if they choose to use it during the class. Otherwise, firearms will be provided as well as ammo (there will be an ammo charge).